Sahand Azar

شرکت مهندسی سهندآذر

An Engineering and Construction Company

Sahand Azar Co. with concentration on water, oil and gas projects has attempted to play a significant role in construction of Iran. During last two decades, Sahand Azar Co. executed several projects in various parts of the country by relying on proficiencies of Iranian engineers and experiences of its successful managers.

Sahand Azar Co. currently has two offices in Tehran and Kermanshah and a branch in Abadan. By using skillful manpower, high quality equipment and appropriate facilities, Sahand Azar Co. is ready to execute related projects.

Sahand Azar Co. is a member of Equipment Contractor Syndicate and APEC Assocciation, and stockholder of Hampa Co. and Petro Araz Co. Sahand Azar Co. has obtained grade 1 in Water and Equipment from Strategic Planning and Management Organization.

TelFax: +98 218 861 66 56-9


Office Address: 2nd floor, No. 2, Vahdat DE, Mollasadra, South Shirazi, Vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran